Video Ascovime 10 Years

Enjoy 10 years anniversary video of Ascovime


Humanitrian night 30/06/2018 – 10 years anniversary of Ascovime

In order to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Ascovime’s humanitarian actions, a dinner will be organised and the evening brought to life through different performances.

Invitation Tickets at AT 50 000FRS – CFA /77 EUROS/ 93USD


Payment: Bank Ascovime

Humanitarian calendar 2018

Please find attached the calendar for all our humanitatiran activities for 2018. Ascovime aims at performing health and educational campagins in more than 30 villages. 2018 SCHEDULE


2016 summary

Please read below our 2016 figures. What a great achievment .
- 25.000 persons been consulted by a doctor
- 1.200 free surgeries
- 6.000 tests (VIH, Hepatite B, C….)
- More than 2000 pairs of glasses given to people in need.
- Scolar kits to more than 35.000 children and teachers

Clothes for babies

This year, Ascovime have a new objective : collecting and distributing clothes for babies. Donate for this campaign to our page “donation”.

Race of heroes

We have been participating to a french “Race of heroes” to collect fund for Ascovime!


Concert to celebrate Cameroonian National Day

In Paris, Ascovime celebrates cameroonian national day with a concert. More information on our facebook event.

Summary 2014

2014, again a fantastic year for Ascovime.




(Français) celebration de notre CNN hero Georges Bwelle à Yaoundé






Meet Georges BWELLE in Paris

ASCOVIME is proud to invite you to meet Georges Bwelle in Paris. He is waiting for you friday 31st of jnauary at the café “les enfants terribles”, 63 rue saint Maur 75011 Paris. Come whenever from 7pm to midnight. 

Merry Christmas

The entire ASCOVIME team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Do not forget your christmas present to Ascovime, by doing a donation here! 

Dr. Bwelle – our hero


Many of you have voted for Georges BWELLE every day during the last couple of weeks. We would like to thank you for your love and support! It has been an unbelievable and unforgettable adventure for Georges and Ascovime! Do not hesitate to go on our Facebook page to see some pictures of the show! Thank you again CNN for this recognition.

Dr. Geroges Bwelle – Top 10 CNN Heroes 2013

Dr. Georges Bwelle, the young Cameroonian surgeon, founder and president of Ascovime, has just been selected among the Top 10 CNN Heroes 2013!!!

You can help him win the CNN Hero 2013 price by taking 10 seconds every day to vote for Geroges => Every day, vote and make others vote by clicking here!

Bengbis II

Evvindissi 2013


Meeting 10th Of October

Please note the 10th of October in your agenda! On this day CNN will reveal the TOP 10 CNN heores 2013. If Georges is among them, he will be the lucky winner of 50.000 dollars that will be very usefull for the construction of the Ascovime Center. After that, every one can vote for the CNN hero of the year. Fingers crossed.

Georges Bwelle – selected CNN hero 2013

Dr. Georges Bwelle, the president of Ascovime, has been selected for the prestigious CNN heroes award 2013. The award is handed out every year to everyday people who are changing the world. This is a wonderful recognition of the work Dr. Georges Bwelle has been doing over the last ten years – providing free medical care to people living in the rural parts of Cameroon. Click here to watch the amazing video filmed by CNN in Cameroon. You can also read the article about Georges’ work. If you want to help Georges, you can “like” CNN Heroes facebook page. Stay tuned for more news on this topic. 

A New Bus for Ascovime!

After two years of hard work raising almost 30 000 euros, Ascovime Paris is proud to announce that the goal for 2013 has been reached! Georges and his team are now equipped with their own bus! The Toyota Coaster, 30 seats, with a diesel engine has already been taken for a drive on the Cameroonian roads and met all the expectations! We wish the Georges and his Ascovime team a good summer in their new bus!!


Linda is an anesthetists. She has participated on almost every Ascovime mission. She is bilingual and helps the organization with tasks in English!


report not yet available

Lomié 2013

report not yet available

Bangang fokam 2013

Report is available (in french)

Mbiame (Kumbo) 2013

Ascovime Paris & Wiwo in Cameroon

Céline, Pauline, Tristan (Ascovime Paris) and Bjorn (Wiwo) received their “Ascovime humanitarian diploma” after their participation in the campaign BANA in western Cameroon. An unforgettable experience alongside Georges Bwelle and his team who continue to spend their weekends to assist their compatriots.

African Dance Course with Ascovime

Together with William, a very talented African Dance teacher, Ascovime Paris hosted African dance classes on a sunday afternoon. All the profit were donated to Ascovime. Since this first edition was a true success, another is soon to come. Thank you all for coming!

German NGO Helps Ascovime

We are very happy to announce that the German NGO Wiwo (Wir Wollen was Bewegen) has decided to help Ascovime in its fight for health and education in Cameroon! Wiwo is composed of motivated and talented members who are organizing many events! Find out more about Wiwo on or on facebook . The Ascovime Family is growing!

Humanitarian Missions in pictures

 2013 : the first humanitarian missions in pictures now available on Facebook


Adjoli – Bengbis 2007

Mintom 2007

Tala 2007

Ekongo 2007

Mebassa 2007

Mekas 2006

Atong 2007

Meyamadjom 2007

Meyomadjom 2008

Mamfe 2009

Kienke 2009

Atong 2009

July 2009

August 2009

Ascovime Volunteers around the World

This diagram shows the number of Volunteers outside Cameroon who has participated in Ascovime’s campaigns over the years since 2009.

Messamena 2009

Tala – Going 2010

Tikar 2010

Nkolebo’o 2010

Thanks to Paloma (2010)

Thanks to the US Team

Nyeng (school) 2010

Bengbis (school) 2010

Bengbis school test 2013

Doukoula 2013

Nditam 2013

Nyeng 2013

Yoko 2013


Frida is an engineer and she has been to Cameroon several times. She is living in Norway and she is responsible for Ascovime’s activities in Scandinavia.

Meyomadjom 2013

Bangou 2013

Nditam 2013

Yekoe-melok 2013

Mebou 2013

Nkolebo’o 2013

Bamena 2013

Ngoantet 2013

Yemessoa 2013

MPagne 2013

Bana 2013

Mendjimi 2013

Social Center Yaoundé 2013

Avebe 2013

Mekas 2013


Crêpe Party : RDV Saturday the 16th of February at 4.30 pm 

 ASCOVIME PARIS has the pelasure to invite you to our «Crêpe Party», Saturday the 16th of February at Ecole de la Brèche aux Loups. Come and spend saturday after-noon together with us and you will get the latest up-dates from Cameroon, we will summarize the year 2012 and give you our objectives for 2013. On top of all this, you can treat yourself with a homemade crêpe or two! Come and start the new year together with Ascovime!

Address : 18 rue de la Brèche aux Loups 75012 Paris – All the details here!


Summer 2011








How to help us

To come…


Nicole is a nurse and she has participated in many campaigns. She makes sure everyone in the pharmacy does the job correctly


Sirwe is a devoted volunteer.


Din is a doctor in general medicine. He is always on the road helping the association


Patrick is a paediatrician, who has done many missions for Ascovime.


Ascovime’s own electrician. His skills are very useful.


Medical student in Yaoundé.


Christelle is the only dentist in the organization. Her expertice is indispensable.


Responsible of communication. Mesmin named his cyber café after Ascovime


Tunisy is a law student. She has participated in almost all of Ascovime’s campaigns.


Ekani is a surgeon in Yaoundé and he is always on the road helping Ascovime


He is always participating in the campaigns helping out with everything


She is a pharmacist and is managing the donation of mediacal drugs to Ascovime.


Nadege is resposible for Ascovime’s education sector and also helping the logistic team when needed.


She is an English and French teacher. Faustyne is well known for her delicious pastry for Ascovime’s cake sales. She is responsible of the education sector within Ascovime.


He is a medical intern in general medicine. Pierre is together with Clemantime responsibel for the logistics.


She is a medical intern in anesthesia. Pauline recently joinded Ascovime Paris and she is the vice general secretary. She was in April in Cameroon


Charles is dedicating a lot of his time and energy to Ascovime Paris. He is responsible for finding sponsors.


She is a medical intern in anesthesia. Clementine is very active within Ascovime Paris. She has lived two months in Yaoundé, going on missions with Ascovime every weekend. She is reponsible for the logistics – sending volunteers and equipement to Cameroon.


Celine is responsible for communication. She will go to Cameroon for the first time in April to participate in Ascovime’s missions.


Louise is responsible for the administrative activities of Ascovime Paris as the organization’s general secretary. She has also participated in several missions in Cameroon.


After a long journey in Cameroon, Marion came back to Paris to help the  organization. She is now the vice president of Ascovime Paris.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year to all of you from ASCOVIME!


Christian is a medical intern in anesthesia. He is Ascovime’s spokesman.