Video Ascovime 10 Years

Enjoy 10 years anniversary video of Ascovime


Humanitrian night 30/06/2018 – 10 years anniversary of Ascovime

In order to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Ascovime’s humanitarian actions, a dinner will be organised and the evening brought to life through different performances.

Invitation Tickets at AT 50 000FRS – CFA /77 EUROS/ 93USD


Payment: Bank Ascovime

Humanitarian calendar 2018

Please find attached the calendar for all our humanitatiran activities for 2018. Ascovime aims at performing health and educational campagins in more than 30 villages. 2018 SCHEDULE

2016 summary

Please read below our 2016 figures. What a great achievment .
- 25.000 persons been consulted by a doctor
- 1.200 free surgeries
- 6.000 tests (VIH, Hepatite B, C….)
- More than 2000 pairs of glasses given to people in need.
- Scolar kits to more than 35.000 children and teachers

Clothes for babies

This year, Ascovime have a new objective : collecting and distributing clothes for babies. Donate for this campaign to our page “donation”.

(Français) celebration de notre CNN hero Georges Bwelle à Yaoundé

Merry Christmas

The entire ASCOVIME team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Do not forget your christmas present to Ascovime, by doing a donation here! 

Dr. Bwelle – our hero


Many of you have voted for Georges BWELLE every day during the last couple of weeks. We would like to thank you for your love and support! It has been an unbelievable and unforgettable adventure for Georges and Ascovime! Do not hesitate to go on our Facebook page to see some pictures of the show! Thank you again CNN for this recognition.

Dr. Geroges Bwelle – Top 10 CNN Heroes 2013

Dr. Georges Bwelle, the young Cameroonian surgeon, founder and president of Ascovime, has just been selected among the Top 10 CNN Heroes 2013!!!

You can help him win the CNN Hero 2013 price by taking 10 seconds every day to vote for Geroges => Every day, vote and make others vote by clicking here!

Meeting 10th Of October

Please note the 10th of October in your agenda! On this day CNN will reveal the TOP 10 CNN heores 2013. If Georges is among them, he will be the lucky winner of 50.000 dollars that will be very usefull for the construction of the Ascovime Center. After that, every one can vote for the CNN hero of the year. Fingers crossed.

Georges Bwelle – selected CNN hero 2013

Dr. Georges Bwelle, the president of Ascovime, has been selected for the prestigious CNN heroes award 2013. The award is handed out every year to everyday people who are changing the world. This is a wonderful recognition of the work Dr. Georges Bwelle has been doing over the last ten years – providing free medical care to people living in the rural parts of Cameroon. Click here to watch the amazing video filmed by CNN in Cameroon. You can also read the article about Georges’ work. If you want to help Georges, you can “like” CNN Heroes facebook page. Stay tuned for more news on this topic. 

A New Bus for Ascovime!

After two years of hard work raising almost 30 000 euros, Ascovime Paris is proud to announce that the goal for 2013 has been reached! Georges and his team are now equipped with their own bus! The Toyota Coaster, 30 seats, with a diesel engine has already been taken for a drive on the Cameroonian roads and met all the expectations! We wish the Georges and his Ascovime team a good summer in their new bus!!

Ascovime Paris & Wiwo in Cameroon

Céline, Pauline, Tristan (Ascovime Paris) and Bjorn (Wiwo) received their “Ascovime humanitarian diploma” after their participation in the campaign BANA in western Cameroon. An unforgettable experience alongside Georges Bwelle and his team who continue to spend their weekends to assist their compatriots.

Humanitarian Missions in pictures

 2013 : the first humanitarian missions in pictures now available on Facebook


Ascovime Volunteers around the World

This diagram shows the number of Volunteers outside Cameroon who has participated in Ascovime’s campaigns over the years since 2009.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year to all of you from ASCOVIME!

Annual Campaign Report 2012

Here you can download this years Annual Campaign Report (in French). Ascovime has conducted a total of 20 missions since January 2012. Almost 10.000 people received free medical consultation. Ascovime’s activities continues to grow year after year, answering to the most important right : access to health care and education.


Ascovime went to two new villages, Yekoe Melok (Report in French) and Mebou (Report in French). They consulted more than 500 people. We always need your support to continue such activites. Click here.


A partnership between an association from the south of France, “Go Yaoundé”, and Ascovime resulted in more than 400 free consultations, 36 pairs of glasses and 32 dental surgeries. You can find the report (in French)  here.

Ascovime keeps up its activities

Ascovime never stops. The president, Georges Bwelle, and his team has been to three different villages: MPAGNE (Report in English) MEKAS (Report in French) and EVINDISSI (Report in French).


The 2012 campaign calendar has arrived. You can download the agenda for 2012 here. As you will see, Ascovime continues its activities within health care and education and will go to more than 20 villages in Cameroon.

If you would like to help Ascovime, do not hesitate to contact us!

We wish Georges Bwelle and all the volonteers in his team good luck in 2012.

Annual Campaign Report 2011

Here you can download this years Annual Campaign Report 2011 (in French). Ascovime has conducted a total of 29 missions since January 2011. Almost 10.186 people received free medical consultation and 516 had free surgery. We also gave away 706 pairs of glasses. Ascovime’s activities continues to grow year after year, answering to the most important right : access to health care and education.

Thank you for your donation. You support is essential.

Campaign for Education

The end of 2011 was devoted to education. George Bwelle brought a team to the Extreme North, where they distributed birth certificates to children. This will allow them to enter in to high school. To read more about this successful campaign, click here.


Happy Birthday to Ascovime’s president George Bwelle!

Thanks to this great man, Ascovime has lately been involved in the education field, providing 274 birth certificates to children, and thereby allowing them to go to high school. Download the report here (in French).

Summer 2011

An active summer for Ascovime, conducting a lot of missions during two months. You will soon be able to download the reports. 


During the campaign to Doukoula, Ascovime’s team met an orphan girl from the village of Konkorong. She had a tumor in her jawbone. To get surgery she had to go to Yaoundé, 2000km from her village. The inhabitants of the village collect money to finance her trip. The surgery went well and she is now back in Konkorong. See the report from Dr. George Bwelle here: Report (in French).


Discover the report from Doukoula (Report in English). 30 volunteers participated in one of Ascovime’s biggest campaigns ever. Close to 1900 people received medical consultation.


Two new reports available: Ascovime’s medical campaign in Nkolebo and Ascovime’s school campaign in Bengbis

- Medical campaign in Nkolebo (Report)

- School campaign in Bengbis (Report)


An active summer for Ascovime, conducting six missions in two months.


Ascovime has raised enough money to buy a generator. It cost 2,500 euro, and will provide electricity for surgeries that are performed during the night.


Ascovime has conducted a total of seven missions in the following villages: Ngobissong, Tonga, Kouack, Bijombo, and Tala. More than 2000 people received medical consultation, 100 people were treated with surgical interventions.