Ascovime was founded by Georges Bwelle, a surgeon at the Central Hospital in Yaoundé. Over the past ten years, Dr Bwelle and his team of volunteers hast visited rural villages in Cameroon with intention to help people by offering free medical care and school equipments. The success of these campaigns led to the founding of the organization today known as Ascovime (In French: Association des Compétences pour une Vie Meilleure).

Every year Ascovime organizes around 20 campaigns focusing on particular parts of Cameroon. Ascovime mainly operate in the rural areas of Cameroon.

The villages we visit to provide our services all fulfill the following criteria:

  • The distance to the nearest hospital or health center is 20km or more
  • The inhabitants cannot afford medical care or the journey to the nearest hospital
  • The inhabitants cannot afford school supplies for  their children
  • The local chief and local authorities agree to let Ascovime come and execute its services.

Our objectives are always to:

  • Provide free medical consultations and treatment
  • Execute free surgeries when necessary
  • Distribute information to the community about the common diseases and epidemics (HIV and AIDS, diarrhoea, malnutrition and hygiene)
  • Provide children with free school supplies (chalk, pen, books)
  • Contribute to an improved teaching/educational environment by supplying the schools with books, benches, desks…
  • Communicate the importance of education to the parents


Ascovime Paris was founded in November 2008 after a trip to Cameroon where Jeremy Rouet (now the president of Ascovime Paris), met Dr. George Bwelle. Ascovime Paris is defined as a non-profit, humanitarian organization according to the French law of 1901.

Our main goal is to facilitate the work done by Ascovime in Cameroon, by contributing financially, as well as with essential equipment. The Paris department raises money, through organizing fund-raising events, in addition to donations. Collecting drugs and medical equipment as well as school materials and clothing, are important tasks our team is dedicated to. On a regular basis Ascovime Paris sends contributions to Dr. George Bwelle in Yaoundé, who uses the resources in his work.

Ascovime Paris also arranges humanitarian expeditions from France to Cameroon. Everyone is welcome to participate in these campaigns. Solidarity is the principle value of Ascovime. All of our members are volunteers who share the same philosophy – helping those who need it the most.

With the assistance from Ascovime Paris, Ascovime can continue to  fight illiteracy and diseases, which in the long term can help people get out of poverty.