The team

The Ascovime Team is composed by ordinary people who bring their skill together to help others – a great experience

The Cameroonian Team

Georges Georges

George is the founder of Ascovime. He is also a surgon at the hospital in Yaoundé

Zenge Zenge

He is always participating in the campaigns helping out with everything

Ekani Ekani

Ekani is a surgeon in Yaoundé and he is always on the road helping Ascovime

Tunisy Tunisy

Tunisy is a law student. She has participated in almost all of Ascovime’s campaigns.

Mesmin Mesmin

Responsible of communication. Mesmin named his cyber café after Ascovime

Christelle Christelle

Christelle is the only dentist in the organization. Her expertice is indispensable.

Désirée Désirée

Medical student in Yaoundé.

Patrick Patrick

Patrick is a paediatrician, who has done many missions for Ascovime.

Etienne Etienne

Ascovime’s own electrician. His skills are very useful.

Din Din

Din is a doctor in general medicine. He is always on the road helping the association

Sirwe Sirwe

Sirwe is a devoted volunteer.

Nicolle Nicolle

Nicole is a nurse and she has participated in many campaigns. She makes sure everyone in the pharmacy does the job correctly

Linda Linda

Linda is an anesthetists. She has participated on almost every Ascovime mission. She is bilingual and helps the organization with tasks in English!

The French Team

Jérémy Jérémy

Jeremy founded Ascovime Paris and is today the president of the association. He is a medical intern in surgery, but is currently spending some months in Cameroon – his second home.

Marion Marion

After a long journey in Cameroon, Marion came back to Paris to help the  organization. She is now the vice president of Ascovime Paris.

Tristan Tristan

Tristan is the co-founder and treasurer of Ascovime. He has already been  in Cameroon twice and is going back in April 2013.

Louise Louise

Louise is responsible for the administrative activities of Ascovime Paris as the organization’s general secretary. She has also participated in several missions in Cameroon.

Christian Christian

Christian is a medical intern in anesthesia. He is Ascovime’s spokesman.

Pauline Pauline

She is a medical intern in anesthesia. Pauline recently joinded Ascovime Paris and she is the vice general secretary. She was in April in Cameroon

Céline Céline

Celine is responsible for communication. She will go to Cameroon for the first time in April to participate in Ascovime’s missions.

Clémentine Clémentine

She is a medical intern in anesthesia. Clementine is very active within Ascovime Paris. She has lived two months in Yaoundé, going on missions with Ascovime every weekend. She is reponsible for the logistics – sending volunteers and equipement to Cameroon.

Pierre Pierre

He is a medical intern in general medicine. Pierre is together with Clemantime responsibel for the logistics.

Faustyne Faustyne

She is an English and French teacher. Faustyne is well known for her delicious pastry for Ascovime’s cake sales. She is responsible of the education sector within Ascovime.

Nadège Nadège

Nadege is resposible for Ascovime’s education sector and also helping the logistic team when needed.

Samantha Samantha

She is a pharmacist and is managing the donation of mediacal drugs to Ascovime.

Frida Frida

Frida is an engineer and she has been to Cameroon several times. She is living in Norway and she is responsible for Ascovime’s activities in Scandinavia.

Charles Charles

Charles is dedicating a lot of his time and energy to Ascovime Paris. He is responsible for finding sponsors.