A new bus to transport volunteers

Join and participate to the acquisition of our new bus (toyota Coaster – 30 sits) that aims at transporting our volunteers allover Cameroon. A perfect present for the 10 years anniversary of Ascovime

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You can help Ascovime with a single donation. Payment can be done from all over the world with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Although the donation is in euro, dollars and all others currencies are accepted.

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After tax deduction, you will pay only

Tax deduction only concerns citizens or companies that pay their tax in France. For non french resident, please refer to the legislation of your country.

Get Involved

If you want to go to Cameroon and participate in the campaigns? Here you can soon download our information sheet on how to get involved.


If you own a company and through it would like to join us in our effort to help people in Cameroon?

Please contact us.

Donation for US residents

If you are a US resident and would like to benefit from tax deductibility, you can donate through the US non profit (501.c.3) organization “Bush Medicine Partnership”.

Bush Medicine Partnership is the official partner of Ascovime in the US. Please click here.

Medical or School Equipment

If you have any medical equipment or school supplies to give away, contact us.